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Second Marriages and Life Insurance

As second marriages become more and more common, beneficiary designations become more complicated.

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Financial Industry Regulator Issues Warning on Senior Designations

The brokerage industry's largest regulator has issued a warning about financial advisors' use of titles that sound impressive but ...

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Bankruptcy May Be the Better Choice for Debt-Laden Seniors

The conventional wisdom is that you should always pay off your debts, but that may not always make the most financial sense for seniors.

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Court Rules Surviving Spouses of Reverse Mortgage Holders Cannot Lose Homes

A federal court has ruled that banks can’t foreclose on surviving spouses of reverse mortgage holders when the spouses can’t pay off the mortgage. 

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Medicare Beneficiaries: Make Sure Your Equipment Supplier Works With Medicare

In October, Medicare beneficiary David P.was shocked to see a charge of more than $1,000 on his credit card statement ... 

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Increasing the Retirement Age Could Drive up Disability Applications

To ensure Social Security's long-term solvency, the government is looking at many options for saving money...

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Gifts to Grandchildren: Gift Trusts

There are some serious drawbacks to many options for giving gifts to grandchildren.

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Federal Agency Urges Crackdown on the Profusion of Senior Financial Designations

The new federal agency that protects the financial interests of the nation’s consumers is urging tougher regulation of the professional designations that financial advisors use to market their services to seniors.

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