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Medicare Articles

Social Security Adds New Online Medicare Application

Just because you're not signing up for Social Security yet doesn't mean you should postpone enrolling in Medicare at age 65 ...

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Medicare Increases Coverage of Mental Health Services

Medicare has increased the amount of mental health coverage beneficiaries are entitled to.

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Medicare Premium Rise Lower Than Expected

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid has announced the 2013 Medicare premiums, deductibles, and coinsurances ...

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Switching Medicare Plans If You Move

If you are over 65 and preparing to move to another county or state, be sure to add "check Medicare plan" to your to-do list...

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Medigap Coverage Is Changing

Several changes are coming to Medigap plans, which supplement Medicare's coverage...

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Medicare Recipients Can Now See Results of Home Health Agency Patient Surveys

Given the choice, most seniors who need help with care would prefer to remain at home rather than move  ... 

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Congress Schedules End to Insurance Coverage of Medicare Part B Deductible

Starting in 2020, Medigap plans will no longer be allowed to offer coverage of the Medicare Part B deductible.  

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Should I Enroll in Medicare If I'm Still Working?

Many people keep working well beyond age 65—the age when most people become eligible for Medicare.

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