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House Budget Cutters Prescribe Radical Surgery for Medicare, Medicaid

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's proposed budget would radically reshape both the Medicare and Medicaid programs ...

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Can You Protect Yourself From Hospital "Observation" Status?

A number of Medicare beneficiaries are spending days in the hospital before being transferred to a nursing home, only to find that Medicare won't pay for their nursing home stay because they were considered to be under "observation" while in the hospital and not actually "admitted."

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Medicare for 55 and Up Highly Popular, but Prospects Uncertain

A tentative deal on Senate health reform legislation would reportedly allow individuals age 55 to 64 ...

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What To Do When Medicare Says 'No'

Medicare appeals are easy and most people win, so it is worth challenging a Medicare denial, says the Medicare Rights Center.

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Guide Helps Hospitalized Medicare Beneficiaries When the "Observation Status" Virus Strikes

Medicare beneficiaries who are admitted to a hospital and then discharged to a nursing home have been getting charged for care the...

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Federal Appeals Court Rules Retirees Can't Dodge Their Medicare Eligibility

A federal appeals court has ruled that those over age 65 and eligible for Social Security can’t escape their automatic entit...

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Medicare Preventive Services: What is Covered?

As the saying goes "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," and as you get older, taking preventative meas...

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You Can't Opt Out of Medicare Without Losing Social Security, Judge Rules

Retirees cannot disenroll from Medicare Part A without also losing their Social Security benefits and refunding ...

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