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Premiums for New Long-Term Care Insurance Policies Actually Decline in Some Cases

Average costs for new long-term care insurance coverage decreased slightly for some types of policyholders compared to a year ago, according to the 2016 Long Term Care Insurance Price Index.

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Older Long-Term Care Insurance Policy Does Not Cover Alzheimer's Facility, Court Rules

The point of buying long-term care insurance is so you don't have to worry how to pay for a nursing home (or other types of long-t...

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Planned National Long-Term Care Insurance Program in Critical Condition

The Obama administration may be on the brink of scuttling the CLASS Act, a new national long-term care insurance ... 

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Economists Say That Tightening Medicaid Rules Would Barely Increase Demand for Private Insurance

It is sometimes claimed that reducing the amount of assets an individual can keep while qualifying for Medicaid would increase ..

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Caregiver Contracts: A Growing Planning Trend for Families

Many people are willing to voluntarily care for a parent or loved one without any promise of compensation.Even so, ...

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Most Elder Law Attorneys 'Walking the Walk' on Long-Term Care Insurance

An ElderLawAnswers survey of elder law attorneys finds that most have long-term care insurance ...

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Leading Long-Term Care Insurer's Premiums Soaring

Long-term care insurer John Hancock has begun the process of seeking sharp premium increases nationwide ... 

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Can't Afford a LTC Insurance Policy? Consider Cutting the Length of Coverage

Most people can't afford to buy a gold-plated long-term care insurance policy that offers a large daily benefit ...

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