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Obama's Shift on Gay Marriage Is Hopeful News for Widow Seeking Estate Tax Refund

The administration's decision to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act may mean that the surviving spouse of a lesbian couple...

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$5 Million Estate Tax Exemption Part of Obama Tax Deal

A temporary resolution to the question of what the federal estate tax should be is a key part of the tax cut deal ...

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Case Illustrates Dangers of Executing a Will Without Legal Assistance

People sometimes try to save money by not consulting with a qualified attorney when executing their will, instead using a pre-prin...

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"Fiscal Cliff" Deal Includes Only Small Change to Estate Tax

As part of the tax compromise Congress approved to avoid tumbling down the “fiscal cliff,” the amount that is exempted from estate taxes will remain the same as it has been for the past two years, although the maximum tax rate will rise by 5 percentage points.

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What Happens If You Die Without a Will?

We all know we are supposed to do estate planning, but not all of us get around to it.

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Understanding the Tax Consequences of Inheriting a Roth IRA

Passing down a Roth IRA can seem like a good idea, but it doesn't always make the most sense.

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Online Legal Documents Company Sued Over Flawed Estate Plan

LegalZoom, one of the most prominent sellers of do-it-yourself wills and other estate planning documents, is the target of a class...

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Be Aware of the Dangers of Joint Accounts

While joint accounts can be useful in certain circumstances, they can have dire consequences if not used properly...

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