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Judge Orders Refund to Estate That Paid Tax Before Madoff Con Was Revealed

When New Jersey resident Theodore Warshaw died in 2006, his estate was valued at more than $1.8 million. Unfortunately, ..

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Single? You Still Need an Estate Plan

Many people believe that if they are single, they don't need a will and other estate planning documents...

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Three Reasons Why Joint Accounts May Be a Poor Estate Plan

Many people, especially seniors, see joint ownership of investment and bank accounts as a cheap and easy way to avoid probate since joint property passes automatically to the joint owner at death. 

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Woman's Efforts to Change Will Without Professional Assistance Backfire

A recent court decision in Minnesota serves as a cautionary reminder to anyone thinking of changing their estate plan on their own. 

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5 Ways Your Will Can Become Useless, Or Close to It

Is having an out-of-date will better than having no will at all?

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Does Your Will Name an Alternate Beneficiary?

What will happen to your estate if your primary beneficiary does not survive you?

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Provision in Will to Kill the Cat Found Invalid

A Chicago judge has reversed a death sentence that has been hanging over Boots the cat for months ... 

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What Is the Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax?

The estate tax gets all the press, but if you are leaving property to a grandchild, there is an additional tax you should know abo...

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