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Redo Your Estate Plan When You Remarry

If you are getting remarried, you obviously want to celebrate, but it is also important to focus on less exciting matters like redoing your estate plan.

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10 Reasons to Create an Estate Plan Now

Many people think that estate plans may be for someone else, but certainly not them.

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Next Steps: A Practical Guide to Planning for the Best Half of Your Life

The authors of a nationally syndicated newspaper column on elder law have written a book based on decades of experience helping people both on the page and in the elder law office.

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Why Plan Your Estate?

The knowledge that we will eventually die is one of the things that seems to distinguish humans from other living be...

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Estate Taxes: What's a Taxpayer to Do?

After almost a decade of changes in the federal estate tax code, clarity appears to be on the horizon ...

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A Parent's Guide to Wills & Trusts: For Grandparents, Too

Getting started on an estate plan can be overwhelming.

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Crummey Trusts: A Way to More Safely Give Gifts to Children

Many parents and grandparents want to pass their wealth to their children while they are still alive...

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Make Sure Your Life Insurance Is Not Taxed at Your Death

Although your life insurance policy may pass to your heirs income tax-free, it can affect your estate tax...

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