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A Parent's Guide to Wills & Trusts: For Grandparents, Too

  • January 8th, 2015


Don Silver. A Parent's Guide to Wills & Trusts: For Grandparents, Too. Adams-Hall Publishing. Los Angeles, CA. 2008. 248 pages.

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$19.95 from Amazon (click on book to order)

Getting started on an estate plan can be overwhelming. A Parent's Guide to Wills & Trusts is an easy-to-understand overview of estate planning that helps explain all the factors to consider and decisions to make.

Written by an estate planning attorney, this is not a do-it-yourself book. Instead, the author, Don Silver, explains everything you need to know to be comfortable as you work with an attorney to plan your estate.

Using a question-and-answer format, Silver explains how to protect children and grandchildren, how to build flexibility into an estate plan, and how to determine what your children will need. He also discusses joint tenancy and beneficiary designations as well as special situations such as second marriages and special needs trusts. There are also chapters on health directives and taxes. The final chapter provides a summary of what you need to include in an estate plan and a checklist of essential documents.

Throughout the book, Silver provides practical advice and hints to make your estate plan work for you. Written simply and concisely, A Parent's Guide to Wills & Trusts provides helpful advice for planning your estate and asking your lawyer the right questions.

For more on special needs trusts and special needs planning, visit our SpecialNeedsAnswers Web site at While some ElderLawAnswers attorneys practice in this area of the law, all attorneys listed on SpecialNeedsAnswers devote a significant part of their practices to working with individuals with special needs and with their families to plan for the future.

Last Modified: 01/08/2015

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